Monday, 16 June 2008

Sunday 15 June 2008

minestrone soup
and morrisons bread.
two glasses of wine.

As usual, it’s taken me about a week to learn the names of the Big Brother Housemates. I can forget Stephanie now, as she was evicted on Friday, and was, if such a thing is possible, even duller in her exit interview than she was in the House.
Not, I am afraid, as dull as Zezi Ifore, the BBLB presenter who, I can only conclude, was given the job because Channel 4 were short on their quota of special needs employees. I tuned in again tonight, hoping that she’d ‘resigned, for personal reasons’ but alas no, the inanimate dumpling was still stomping around the studio, talking over guests and other presenters, fluffing her lines and annoying me far more than Alex and Mario ever could.
Wake up, Channel Four! The woman is rubbish!!!!

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