Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Friday 18 April 2008

fifteen lost minutes
i went somewhere in my head
and was late for work

In Coronation Street, high drama is the order of the day. Roy is fighting against the evil Capitalism of Scottish Tony, who smoked out a colony of bats in order that his property development could proceed unimpeded. We know Tony is evil because he has a strange Mad Eye Moody eye which he can no doubt detach and leave in the Underworld factory in order to look up Janice Battersby’s skirt while she’s busy sewing bodices for Northern trendsetters.
Vernon, meanwhile, has developed a coldsore and young David Platt has been sentenced to four months in the Weatherfield Bad Lads Penitentiary for crimes against the community. I suspect that David’s warder has been sentenced to five years for criminal acting. Where did they find him? At a bus stop in Moss Side? This is not what we expect from Corrie.

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