Monday, 14 April 2008

Saturday 12 April 2008

back to the old ways.
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circle endlessly

I was supposed to go in to work today but my boss rang me as I was leaving to tell me that the door to the office was locked and that I wouldn’t be able to get in.
So, having got up early, I spent a quiet morning catching up with ‘Days of Our Lives’.
Lexy Carver’s party in the Dimera Mansion (which seems to consist of two rooms and a foyer) has finally ended after about two weeks of champagne and canap├ęs.
John Black and his sentient eyebrows smelt something fishy and realised that someone (it was evil Rolf in a secret room full of machines with winky blinky lights) was trying to reactivate Hope Brady’s brain chip and turn her back into Princess Gina. John, fortunately recalling his mercenary training and the day he learned to remove such chips, ushered Hope into a bedroom and was about to dig it out from her brain with his Swiss Army knife, but Bo Brady rushed in, found them on the bed and assumed the worst.
Meanwhile, Brady – John Black’s son, madly in love with the opera-singing teenager Chloe Lane – is struggling to express his feelings since Chloe feels she still loves Philip Wet-Lettuce, the weediest quarterback in the US and the son of the tycoon Victor Kiriakis, head of the Titan corporation and cursed with having no neck.
Dr Marlena Evans, psychiatrist and mother, continues to look aloof and concerned in every scene. She was in Columbo last week, She looked aloof and concerned in that too, so at least she’s consistent.

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