Friday, 4 April 2008

Thursday 3 April 2008

from a stockwell bar
we viewed the panorama
of broken people

I had one of those moments today. As I came out of Hammersmith Station this morning, I was struck by a thought of vast philosophical insight and made a mental note to write it all down once I got to work.
Having now remembered to write it down, I realise that I cannot recall what the thought of vast philosophical insight was. This is probably because I have spent all morning recording complaints from the public about contractors leaving holes in the pavement for six months.
Tonight, I hied it to Stockwell, where my friend Brad was having a leaving party in a bar called Thirdspace. On the leaflet, it looks like a vast cavernous bar, but on entry it was discovered just how good extreme wide-angle photographic lenses can be, as the bar is actually the size of a large living room. I always go to these events with the intention of not leaving too late, as it is my wont to do, but one Smirnoff Ice led to another and before I knew it, it was 11.45 and I was deep in conversation with a ginger-bearded man called Jason (who looks very much like he should be forging traffic signs in Middle Earth) about the significance of Doctor Who within the Gay Community. He’s not gay, as it happens, but was I think trying to absolve himself of the worry of gay tendencies emerging should he develop an unhealthy interest in ‘Genesis of The Daleks’.
Earlier, someone showed me photographs of when he recently attended The Porn Awards, which isn’t something I would have expected of local government employees.
There are always, I have discovered, people who surprise you.

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