Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Sunday 20 April 2008

mad man on the bus
shouting ‘tutankhamun!’
as if he knew him.

The weather is improving, slowly. I went up to Southall today and spent some time in the park there, which is very nice.
Our double bill for the evening was ‘Hostel II’ which I thought not to be as good as ‘Hostel I’. I’m not sure what the Czechoslovak tourist industry think of it all. It can’t have done them a lot of good. I would feel much trepidation venturing about on my own there with the threat of being carted off to a murderous factory or attacked by feral children hanging over my head.
The second film was ‘Frankenfish’, a low budget yet entertaining piece of nonsense which featured genetically engineered giant fish escaping into the swamplands of Florida and dining on the locals.
I would rather see ‘Frankenfish II’ than ‘Hostel III’ at this point in time.

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