Monday, 28 April 2008

Thursday 24 April 2008

the light of evening
is a promise locked up and
waiting to be freed

I was so tired today that I headed straight home, intending to flop on the sofa and soak up coffee and some unchallenging TV.
There was a box on my sofa, a shoebox.
‘What is this?’ I asked the Ugly One, but he merely smiled.
In the shoebox, it transpired, was the complete ‘The Tomorrow People’ on DVD, a series I loved as a child. Unlike some TV SF of the time it has dated badly, but it still holds a certain charm.
The new ‘Tomorrow People’ is of course ‘Heroes’ which returned for a second series this evening. Apparently American audiences weren’t too taken by the first few episodes of the new run, but I’ve never taken too much notice of what American audiences think, since there is the question of whether American audiences actually think at all.

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