Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Sunday 27 April 2008

i am the bright lure
but i am also the fish
so what do i do?

Questions Fundamentalist Christians should ask themselves. No 1

If the universe is only six thousand years old, shouldn’t we only be able to see stars that are less than six thousand light years away?

There was a film crew in Southall Park today making a Bollywood movie. I assume it was a Bollywood movie since there were a lot of Indian people in brightly coloured traditional costumes dancing around frenetically. I note that the local council had gone to the trouble of fixing the fountain for the occasion. I bet by next week it will have been turned off again.
I bought some vodka on the way home and returned to discover that ‘Midsomer Murders’ is back. Hoorah!
The County of Midsomer, although full of sleepy villages packed to the thatched rafters with eccentric British folk, is a dangerous place to live. People are murdered with monotonous regularity although in stylish and entertaining ways. In tonight’s episode, during filming of a low budget version of ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ the guillotine is put to good use.

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rosie-posie77 said...

I LOVE MM. It's one of my favorites tv series.