Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Monday 21 April 2008

i saw art malik
searching the street; an actor
lost for direction.

I had a rare day off today and took myself up to Holland park where a celebrity omen appeared to me in the form of Hollywood and Holby City star Art Malik, who was roaming up and down Holland Park Avenue, clutching a piece of paper, checking the numbers on the doors and looking generally exasperated. Eventually he got through to someone on a mobile and strode off in a huff in the direction of Shepherds Bush.
What could this omen augur?
I took myself into The Mitre and had a quiet glass of wine while chatting to the Brazilian barman.
This evening the BNP broadcast their party political message which said very little. The only coloured face in the film was a green bin with eyes and a smiling mouth. That said more than the broadcast did.

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