Thursday, 24 April 2008

Tuesday 22 April 2008

leaves poking heads out
green with surprise at the world.
they emerge slowly

I’m very behind with Days of Our Lives and have taken to watching it on fast forward. The weird thing is that the actors talk so slowly on DOOL that speeding them up makes them sound almost normal.
The big news is that Victor ‘No-Neck’ Kiriakis’ company ‘Titan’ and John Black’s new company ‘Basic Black’ are in a bidding war to gain the rights to Permalash, a mascara so powerful it will give those with the rights to it the power to control the world.
Meanwhile, the secret of the swapped babies is out, and Glen and Barb (I'm thinking they should have called them Ken and Barb. Glen is the one who never wears a shirt and seems to be always wet) have hired a lawyer to get their baby back from Bo and Hope Brady.
Nicole’s mother Fay is refusing to face the fact that her husband Paul was a bad man despite the fact that he’d recently come out of prison, tried to kill several people in Puerto Rico, raped a schoolgirl and forced his daughter to make porn films. Fay is a professional simperer, and trembles her bottom lip most professionally at every opportunity. Her bottom lip, I am told, is fast gaining popularity in the ratings.
John Black’s eyebrows, however, once again receive the award for intensity of emotional expression by a bodily part.

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